Who is "G" and Why do I Care?

Many of you are probably thinking “Why does Gary have a website?  More importantly, why am I here looking at his page?”  Well, to be quite honest, I don’t exactly know why you’re here, but I am happy you came.  I can, however, answer the question as to why I have a website. 

Since getting my first job after receiving my Bachelor’s degree from Hampton University, I have had a growing desire to expand my personal experiences and to start filling this thing I call “Life” with activities that allow me to step out of my comfort zone.  One of my jobs afforded me the opportunity to travel the country frequently as a trainer.  This ignited my desire to hop on planes and explore what the United States had to offer.  Later, I started leaving my footprints on international lands.  It also helps that my best friend sings for a major cruise line, so I am able to tag along on his trips.  I have always been someone who tended to document most of my activities on social media to not only say “Hey, look what I’m doing” but also to build an online scrapbook or photo album for myself.  Whether I am traveling domestically, internationally, taking a weekend road trip, or attending a unique event, I make sure I document  these happenings.  These posts seemed to not only serve as a memory dump for me, but as motivation for others who may want to start exploring outside of their day-to-day lives.  I came to realize that my activities were becoming both entertaining and motivating for others.  I was also beginning to receive many questions about traveling, budgeting, activities in certain locations, and restaurant recommendations.  Thus, CatchGifUCan.com.

I am always on the move.  At times, it can be tiring, because though I like to travel and have fun, I also have a full-time job and a bourgeoning career in Corporate America.  CatchGifUCan.com is an example to those who would like to take a break from “adulting” every now and again to enjoy what life has to offer.  Actually, my first blog post was Balancing Corporate Life with Wanderlust:  #BookTheTicket.  Be sure to bookmark this site, check-in from time to time, and enjoy the posts, photos, and even provide feedback if you like.

I am actually preparing for a trip as you read this, so…catch me if you can!