HBO hosts Block Party for Issa Rae's "Insecure" Series

After enjoying the crisp fall weather of NYC on the Upper West Side at brunch, followed by Trader Joe's, I headed home to chill out for the remainder of the day.  I take that back...I was gonna chill out for a liiiittle bit before heading to my friends' apartment for a surprise birthday gathering (at least that's what I want the birthday girl to read #onhere...who knows what I would have done after my head hit a pillow, LOL).  Anyway, another friend messaged me on Facebook asking if I'd like to come to a block party being hosted by HBO, celebrating the premier of Issa Rae's Insecure series.  He specified that it was "invite only," and that I'd need to make a decision quick.  Little did he know, I had already chucked my bag of groceries in my apartment door, spramped my face with a little water, and was headed to a cab as he was messaging me details, LOL.  Random invites like this are what make me love New York City!


Issa Rae and the cast of Insecure at the block party in Industry City, Brooklyn

When I arrived at the location in Industry City, he met me at the entrance with my credentials, and in I went.  I was extremely pleased with scenery.  It was not too crowded, the weather was perfect, and the space was filled with beautiful black people just having a good time and celebrating the awesomeness that is Issa Rae.  The first thing I saw when I walked in was the press section where the cast was standing, taking photos and doing interviews.  I immediately thought to myself, "Now, wait a minute, now!  AintNobodyTellMeIssaRaeNemWasGonnaBeHere!!!!"  I sucked my teeth in case any brunch was left in there, slicked my eyebrows, adjusted my collar and sauntered on in.  There were a number of HBO staffers, producers, friends of Issa Rae, YouTubers, podcasters, bloggers and the such in attendance. I actually got to snap a selfie with one of my favorites, Franchesca "Chescaleigh" Ramsey of MTV Decoded, so I was already stoked to be in the number.

There was food, free libations, and Kitty Cash on the ones and twos.  There was also a theater where you could go in and screen the premier of Insecure, but I opted to stay outside, take in the scenery and listen to the music.  Plus, I preferred to watch the show on my own, uninterrupted. itt

Kitty Cash kept the block party poppin' from the DJ booth.

BJ the Chicago Kid was one of the guest artists at the block party.

At the back of the venue was a stage, which hosted a number of performers.  When I walked back, the Grammy nominated BJ the Chicago Kid had just taken the stage and he definitely drew the crowd back there!  He did not disappoint. Issa Rae was beside me jammin' and being around her and the cast having a great time was sorta dope.  We snapped a couple pictures, and I ventured off to see the rest of the sites.  I came across a photo booth, and hopped in line...then I realized that I am impatient and my phone was at 20%, so I was not about to wait in line for a photo with good lighting.  I got my own lighting at home, LOL.  I just took a photo os someone else in the photo booth for this here blog.  After downing one last drink, I hailed a car service and headed to my friend's house for the birthday gathering.  You know what?  Whilst we're here...I laughed to myself because when I was on my way to the block party, I was thinking, "Dammit, this is gonna make me late to my friends' gathering.  I can't really snap or post about this because I'll get chewed out if I'm late."  Meanwhile,  when I walked in I saw these billygoats in line for food and snapping pictures.  They ain't even tell me they was going!  

These hoes ain't loyal!

Photo booth set up at the Insecure block party

The drinks were free and flowing at the Insecure block party.