BRUNCHifUcan: Larchmont Bungalow in Los Angeles

Tucked away in a small neighborhood in Los Angeles, called Larchmont, is a place I have dined at twice while visiting the City of Angels.  Larchmont Bungalow has an interesting set-up.  It's not your typical "be seated and wait for your server" kind of restaurant, and it's not a fast-food joint.  You walk in, and make your order at the counter (I highly suggest studying the menu for a few minutes before ordering because there is a considerable amount of menu items to choose from) and then the host will take you to a seat, and your food will be brought to you.

The three items I'd like to highlight are the famous Red & Blue Velvet pancakes, the Best of Both Worlds (French toast and pancakes) and the omelettes.

Red and Blue Velvet pancakes from Larchmont Bungalow

The Red & Blue Velvet pancakes are always a great choice for brunch.  They actually taste like cake and have a lot of flavor, so you can refrain from bugging your server to bring you some hot syrup.  They are topped with a cream cheese spread, homemade whipped cram and candied pecans.  You can get the full portion to share, or a half portion.  Pictured here, is the half portion.

If you can't decide whether you want the pancakes or the French Toast, go for the Best of Both Worlds.  This vegan dish is layered with berry pancakes and berry brioche French toast topped with fresh seasonal berries and served with a warm berry maple syrup.

Larchmont Bungalow's "Best of Both Worlds" dish

Lastly, if you're feeling like eggs, the Seafood Lovers' Omelette is the perfect choice for you.  It is stuffed with lobster, shrimp, fresh blue crab, and spinach topped with a truffle hollandaise.

The delicious seafood omelette from Larchmont Bungalow

You will most likely be too full for dessert, but the beauty is that the dessert bar is at the entrance of the restaurant, so you can pick up a slice of "to go" cake or pie on your way out.