BRUNCHifUcan: SoCo in Brooklyn, NY

SoCo, located in the Clinton Hill part of Brooklyn, NY.

SoCo, located in Brooklyn, has been a favorite of mine since before I moved to New York City.  They brand themselves as being a full service southern fusion restaurant, and I can truly say I haven't been disappointed during any of my visits.  Typically, when I brunch, the first thing I check to see is if the place offers unlimited drinks whilst consuming the ridiculous amounts of carbs.  For SoCo, however, bottomless mimosas aren't something that I consider a necessity (although they do offer bottomless mimosas on Saturdays - getchu some).  Not only do they have a great variety of flavorful dishes to choose from for brunch, lunch and dinner; they have a pretty dope drink menu as well.

So let's get to it.  The food!  I will add the disclaimer that while I haven't eaten a good number of things on the menu, because I happen to be a creature of habit who sticks to what I know is good, I've been with a bunch of friends who've tried many of the menu items, and they wholeheartedly approve.

The buttermilk fried chicken is definitely one of my favorites.  The chicken is super crispy and it's served over a red velvet waffle.  Here's a tip to make the dish even better:  Ask for a side of maple butter.


The buttermilk fried chicken is a crowd favorite at SoCo.


The jambalaya is actually the newest dish I tried when I was there for dinner instead of brunch.  It's rice-based, which is new for me, as I typically enjoy a pasta-based jambalaya.  For me, it was perfect.  It was seasoned to perfection, and they were not stingy with the shrimp.


The jambalaya was definitely not a disappointment.


It is very rare that you will see a table at SoCo that does not have a skillet of macaroni and cheese on it.  It's the perfect dish to either share as an appetizer, or as a side dish.  I mean, if you are greedy, you might be able to finish it alone...

Honorable mention should also go to the lobster, shrimp & grits dish which is pretty popular.  I have a couple friends who get this entree every single time they dine at SoCo.

The sausage & grits is another one of my favorite dishes.  For those who don't eat swine, fret not.  The dish is actually made up of chicken andouille, creamy cheddar grits, over easy egg (you can ask for it to be cooked well-done), and topped with a spicy lobster broth.  Yeah...I know.


Chicken & Grits from SoCo in Brooklyn, NY.


SoCo is pretty popular in Brooklyn, so if possible, you should probably make reservations...especially if you are going there for brunch.  

Have you been there before?  Comment below with your thoughts and dish recommendations.