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People aren't Supposed to Like Traveling Now?

I logged on to Twitter early this morning...I have go to stop doing that, by the way.  I tend to have a timeline full of trolling and/or arguing about anything from how you would feel "If ya girl had an attractive male ObGyn" to if Lauryn Hill's fake-deep ass has her spirit in line enough to take the stage within a 30-minute window of her scheduled performance time).  It can't be a good way to start your day.  Anyway, I logged on to the Twitter, and I see people arguing about traveling.

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Why are you Afraid to Take your Vacation Time?

There have been studies conducted that show that Americans are overwhelmed.  Yes...overwhelmed.  I'm just as surprised as you are.  I thought we were known for being one of the laziest countries in the world.  These studies actually show that nearly three-quarters of workers say they are stressed at work, with 25% reporting they are either “very” or “extremely” stressed.  Of course Americans are going to feel this way.  There is a huge population of full-time employees who leave their paid time off (PTO) unused.

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20 Things Only Steppers will Understand

Steppers are a unique people.  It's not just a form of dance; it's a movement...pun intended.  What makes stepping so unique, though?  That'd be the fact that no matter what step team they were a member of, there is a universal lifestyle they live.  Here are a few examples.  Learn them.  Understand them.  Respect them.

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