6 Things that Annoy Every Traveler

Being a frequent traveler, whether it be domestic or international travel can be very fun, but as one becomes more accustomed to traveling, there can be a few things that become quite annoying or irritating.  Hell, some things are even annoying to those who don't travel very often.

1.  Asking me to change seats on the plane so that you can sit closer to someone else.


Unless you have a small child you need to sit next to, don't bother.  We all go online early to check in and choose the seats we desire.  So...no I will not forgo my strategically chosen seat so that you can giggle with your loved ones for three hours whilst I'm salty sitting ten rows further back than what I originally chose.

2.  Hogging armrests.

Turning Gif.gif

Listen, there's an unspoken rule to sharing armrests in a row on the flight.  If you are on the aisle, you lean toward the aisle (yes, you risk being side-swiped by food and drink carts, and other peoples' mom-jeans-covered asses, but that's what you signed up for).  If you have a window seat, you lean toward the window, and you even have a complimentary head rest.  The passenger in the middle seat is the determining factor in how the other armrests work.  It's a bit of a lottery.  If they chose to only use one armrest, the either the aisle seat passenger or window seat passenger is blessed with an extra one.  Or, they could be like "I'm suffering in the middle so I'm gon' occupy both of these and y'all will just have to deal."  And you will do what?  Deal.

3.  Pre-maturely standing up as soon as the plane gets to the gate.


Look!  We will all be getting off the plane!  There's no need to pop up as soon as you hear the bell after the plane approaches the gate!  So, now, you're standing in the aisle going nowhere, with your ass and/or crotch at eye-level with those still sitting, and making awkward eye contact with people as you try to take your bag down from the overhead bin, as to say "this bag may or may not scrape your face as I take it down.  Sorry in advance!"  Just sit and wait for your row to de-plane.  In addition, if you are not on the isle, what is the point of standing up and having to uncomfortably bend over because you are stuck under the overhead bin?  You look foolish!  Also, don't try to rush ahead of me if I'm in the isle before you!  Sit, enjoy some extra reading, check your social media accounts, or text loved ones until it's your turn to get up and exit.

4.  "Can you bring me back a souvenir?"


Yes, I'm in Mexico right now.  No, I will not bring you a maraca or a shot glass.  However, I will remind you when you come to Mexico for yourself.  This is my trip, breh!   Yes, some people like bringing back trinkets and gifts for their friends when traveling.  Let that be voluntary, though.  It can be quite inconsiderate to task someone with finding YOU gifts whilst they are enjoying their own vacation or time away from home.  

5.  "Do you ever work?"


The. Most. Annoying. Question. Ever!  Yes! How do you think I can afford to take this trip?!?!  Some people probably just ask this question to make conversation or to politely cast shade because they are at home picking up legos, scrambling eggs or watching Roseanne.  Most people with full-time jobs have paid leave.  A lot of people like to use their paid leave!  For those who don't work full-time jobs, they work hard enough to take off when they want to travel.  Either way, find a new conversation-starter.  This one is kind of played out!

6.  Travel partners who don't know how to...travel.

For those who travel often, they have friends or family who are inspired to tag along every once in a while.  This is actually pretty cool.  It's good to inspire others to travel, and sure you can come along!  However, just fall into place and don't be the reason a trip is not enjoyed.  Common violations include sleeping the day away (especially on short trips), or complaining about..any and everything.