20 Things Only Steppers will Understand

Steppers are a unique people.  It's not just a form of dance; it's a movement...pun intended.  What makes stepping so unique, though?  That'd be the fact that no matter what step team they were a member of, there is a universal lifestyle they live.  Here are a few examples.  Learn them.  Understand them.  Respect them.

1.  Explaining what stepping is...annoying

Because it's way more than clapping and stomping.  There's actually skill and technique needed.  "Here, just look at this YouTube video."

2. It's not "dancing" or "step dancing."

Stop calling it that...

3.  Blood vessels in hands can burst.

Not to mention how ashy and cracked they look after practice.

4.  Being in the back of a formation is a jab to the ego.

Either you're new and need to prove yourself, or you're a veteran and need to step your game up.

5.  But being moved to the front for the first time...

"Yes, yes.  It is I that has arrived."

6.  The Coach cares nothing about your ailments or injuries.

They may act concerned, but all they really care about is that you better have your a** in formation by time practice starts.  "We only get sick on the weekends."

7.  New routines = Full body soreness.

Any time you perform something over-and-over again, your body developes muscle memory.  As soon as you introduce a new move or a whole new step, your body is like "Excuse me, whet??"

8.  He/She may be able to step, but this does not mean they are a great dancer.

"Don't be fooled by the swag I have on stage..."

9.  Seeing stepping on TV or in a movie is cool, but you're secretly judging because you know what they are doing is not real stepping

"Yeah...that's definitely not stepping, but yay!"

10.  You always have to pee before you perform.

We don't know why.  All we do know is that Coach ain't trynna hear it.

11. You feel like a superhero on stage.

Simply because everyone is cheering so hard for you as you do something that comes completely natural by time you hit the stage.

12.  And then feel like you ingested kryptonite as soon as you exit the stage.

"WHERE'S MY INHALER, GOT DAMMIT?!?!?!?  Wait, do I even use inhalers??"

13.  Your coach when you miss practice...

14.  You, when you see your coach for the first time after missing practice

15.  You're typically in class performing a full out routine from the waist down under your desk.

Literally, you're ALWAYS stepping.  At your desk, in the elevator...even in the shower.  It's very annoying to non-steppers, but who cares?

16.  Girl steppers think "At what point in stepping history did heels become a thing?"


"Is this really necessary?"

17.  Pep rallies feel like probates or "coming out" celebrations for new members of the team

And the squad is larger than ever...until some of the newbies realize it's just too much, and quit.

18.  Yes, I pass gas on stage...who gon' check me??

There's a lot of pressure on that stage...literally!

19.  Once you become a stepper, your parents will never enjoy peace and quiet at home again...

Because, again...you're ALWAYS stepping in the house!  Besides, you better have the routine together by the next time the Coach sees you...

20. People will never understand why you make those faces while performing.

And that's just fine.

Also found on BuzzFeed.