10 Reasons why you need to Leave us the Hell Alone about our Smartphones


Smartphones are nothing new.  They’ve been around for some time now.  If you have a cell phone, it’s most likely a smartphone.  If it’s a flip phone, message me privately, so we can talk, as I will need to also get your advice on which station wagon will give me the biggest bang for my buck...

Smartphone manufacturers are constantly coming up with ways to integrate phones into our everyday lives, thus making things a lot more convenient.  There’s no need to go into the list of what these devices are capable of, because well, you know what they can do.  My phone is always on my person.  If I don’t respond to a text or return a call, it’s most likely on purpose because you better believe I am within arm’s reach of that beautiful, golden, tinted, metallic piece of machinery.

The new thing old heads like to complain about are how much we use these devices.  They even criticize how we use these devices.  There are times where phone usage is inappropriate or annoying, but for the most part, people are just complaining to complain.

“Y’all are always on the damn phone!” - Uncle Buck

“Put the phone down and enjoy yourself!” - Aunt Eugene

“Why don’t people pick up the phone and call no more?” - Cousin Pete

“You’re on vacation.  Why are you on social media?” - Everybody on Social Media Hating on your Vacation

“The party can’t be too fun.  You’re on your phone.” - Richard, the one sitting on the beer-stained futon.


Shut up!

Let’s discuss a couple reasons why you should leave people alone when it comes to how much they use their smartphone.

1. It's a way to Stay Connected

Social media engagement and texting are ways that people connect to a large number of people without having to actually be physically in the presence of others.  So, you can be in your dusty Adidas flip flops and dingy boxer briefs while still having a dignified dialogue with your peers.  It's also perfectly fine to be texting in bed, just like in the "olden days" when we use to fall asleep on the phone because we didn't want the conversations to end.

2. Smartphones are also Cameras

The age of handheld cameras (unless you drop a lot of money on a DSLR camera) has passed.  Smartphones are now your digital camera, camcorder, video chat hub, and more.  It is an awesome way for you to capture moments.  

"Nobody’s going to believe I’m hanging out with your raggedy ass, so sit still while I try to catch this good light and take a selfie of us for the people!"


3.  It's a way to store memories

No one makes physical photo albums anymore.  Our camera rolls and Facebook photo albums are the Michelle Williams and Cindy Birdsongs (google them) of photo albums.

4. People lie! 

Let’s be honest.  We all have that friend who tells stories just to tell stories.  Everyone knows they are either lying or exaggerating, but no one says anything.  That’s why the whole “Show the picture or it ain’t happen” thinking was birthed.  Well, you’re not gonna think I’m lying because you can check my SnapChat for the receipts! 

5. Being on the phone is fun for some! 

If I am on the phone, even while on vacation, it’s because it is entertaining me in some way or another.  If you’d like me to stay off my phone, keep my attention!


6. It’s being used to plan and figure out next moves. 

I could be using the phone to figure out something we could do in the nearby area, or if you are boring, I could simply be on Google Maps trying to figure out the best exit strategy.

7. We are able to multitask. 

I could very well be at brunch with a group of friends, having an amazing time, and still reach in my pocket and respond to a text.  What’s so hard to understand about that?

8. You're on your cell phone too!

You’re most likely complaining about phone usage…from your phone!  It’s hilarious that those who share articles about how smartphone usage is causing the death of conversations and changing social interaction, are most likely sharing it FROM THEIR PHONE!  To take it one step further, the writers of the “articles” have mobile share options on their write-ups!  Ironic.


9. Times change.   

Again, there was a time when we would spend hours and hours on the house phones, talking to our friends that we just saw at school, and our parents would get on our case about not going outside to see our friends in person.  Times have changed and you’re now the person telling us we should stop texting or posting on social media and just pick up the phone.  No.


10. It’s a way to share the fun you’re having! 

For some people, that’s fun in itself!  Mind you, I’m not talking about when your friend is right next to you at a party and they post to snapchat or Twitter saying a party is LIT, but you clearly see them standing against the wall not having fun.  They are lying!  But, when you are genuinely having a good time, there is absolutely nothing wrong with capturing the moment with your phone and sharing it.  Maybe we find it fun looking back on pictures and videos when we are, in fact, bored.

Bottom line, my friends, is…leave us alone.