10 Things to do when Taking a Mental Health Day

There are times when you just need to take a day off...not because you have anything in particular to get done.  You simply need to take a day to refresh and to relax.  I know...you're thinking that's what weekends and actual vacations are for.  Well, stop thinking that.  You're wrong, fam!  A lot of times, we have plans during the weekend.  They may be fun plans, but they are plans, nonetheless.  The same goes for vacations.  There was a moment this week when I was feeling extremely overwhelmed at the office, and though I felt better by time I went to sleep that night, I made a conscious decision the next morning to take a mental health day. Whispering:  The fact that I woke up to the sound of it pouring raining outside, and I thought about that walk to the train station, may have had something to do with the decision, as well.


Drinking tea, and watching mindless TV on a mental health day.


It's now 3:30 PM, and I am still in my pajamas, and that's perfectly fine.  Here are some tips and ideas for your mental health days:

1.  Sleep in, or take a nap.

It's obvious that rest plays a big part in relaxation.  Turn your alarms off, close your curtains and luxuriate in bed for as long as you'd like.  If you're a creature of habit and you automatically wake up at a certain time every morning, that's perfectly okay.  Take a nap later in the day and you can easily cash in on that extra rest. 

2.  Watch mindless television.

That's right.  This is the time to watch trash TV.  If you want to feel smart, or like a conscious adult, watch The View, or something.  However, if you are looking to be extra-strength lazy that day, choose programming that doesn't call for much thinking.  May I suggest a Kardashian show, or something with the Puerto Rican Princess, Joseline, in it?

3.  Read a book.

Some like to read...and that's fine.  Do that.  I'd prefer you do something else with your time, but hey, it relaxes a lot of people.  Not me.  But I'll let you do you!

4.  Get a massage.

Getting a massage is the quintessential way to relax!  That is, unless, unless the massage therapist is trying to bruise your damn soul with how hard they are going in on your muscles! 

5.  Go for a walk in a nice, scenic area.

You don't need to have an actual destination.  Just put on some relaxing music, and walk somewhere.  It could be to a restaurant, a coffee shop, or you could just be walking in a circle and come right the hell back home.  Just get out of the house.

6.  Go see a movie.

I know...a lot of people still have that stupid rule of not going to a movie alone.  Get over it and get your life!  This would be the perfect time to see a movie that you know none of your friends and family are interested in seeing.  You can also enjoy practically having the movie theater to yourself.  Oh...and you can react to the movie any way you like with no judgement.

7.  Eat at a restaurant or have food delivered.

I'm not telling you whether or not you should eat healthy.  I'm just saying that you shouldn't worry about cooking.  Whispers:  What's the point of watching trash TV if you're going to be eating raw asparagus, and iced air, though?  Live!  Tell your Herbalife Health Coaches to chill.

8.  Hang out with a friend.

If you can get a friend to play hooky with you, you're scored big!  Basically, do anything on this list.  Just add them into the mix.  

9.  Don't text or call your friends asking what they are up to.

They are at work, duh!  Don't be an ass!


Yes, I see my work phone over on the dresser with the flashing red light.  No, I'm not gonna look at it.  As soon as I do, I'll be sucked in, and my mental health day is ruined.

What are some things you do on your mental health day?