People aren't Supposed to Like Traveling Now?

I logged on to Twitter early this morning...I have go to stop doing that, by the way.  I tend to have a timeline full of trolling and/or arguing about anything from how you would feel "If ya girl had an attractive male ObGyn" to if Lauryn Hill's fake-deep ass has her spirit in line enough to take the stage within a 30-minute window of her scheduled performance time.  That can't be a good way to start my day.  Sorry, I got off topic.  Anyway, I logged on to the Twitter, and I see people arguing about traveling.  I travel a lot (thus this travel blog), so I was interested to see what the argument was really about.  

Apparently, there are some who think that people who travel often are categorized as travel snobs and are using their frequent trips (especially internationally) as a way to show status.  *Insert eye roll* - Never mind, I'll insert an actual eye roll...

Frequent travelers are guilty of flaunting status now?  Are we reversing travel shaming?  Is that what's happening?


It was being compared to the elitists, specifically in the black community, who boast about whatever they have going for them, be it multiple college degrees, an extreme and eclectic "love of music" (refer to Chelsea above, please), or whatever else is seemingly not easily accessible or common among the masses.  There are a couple things wrong with this argument.  

Yes, there are elitists who travel...there are also elitists who boast about social media (follower count, anyone?).  One example of this was when everyone copped that cheap flight to Abu Dhabi, and there were a few trolls on social media quite mad that international traveling, something they prided themselves on, became available to those who typically would not book such flights.  I thought, however, we had agreed that travel snobs were the minority.  You can literally find hundreds of articles and think pieces about travel shaming if you just use the Googler.  Don't let your own insecurities be the catalyst for unnecessary arguments or chastisement.  There are millions of people on twitter, so of course when you tweet an opinion, even if it's unpopular or...stupid, there will be someone who agrees and engages with you.  Don't let this fool you into thinking you have a point.

From my experiences, I've seen a great majority of jet-setters trying their best to encourage everyone to get a piece of this travel movement.  It seems that this "argument" is just a case of hating on something for the sake of going against the grain.  People are traveling, living their lives, and happy about it.  How could that possibly annoy you?  Are your trolling levels really that low? It's okay to not have a dissenting opinion on whatever is popular at the moment, friends.  

The bottom line is that people can spend their money on whatever they want to, be it clothes, shoes, concerts, electronics, art (shout out to Jay Z), and/or travel!  If you don't want to travel, what makes you happy.  I can assure you one thing, though...when you do take a trip, you'll be quick to post it on Instagram or Facebook just like everyone else.

That's all for now, I need to go check in to my flight for tomorrow afternoon.  In the meantime...