The Collage Art Movement NYC

Flier from Collage NYC

You know how Facebook shares way too much information about what your friends are doing?  Well, sometimes that is actually beneficial.  I had no plans for a Tuesday evening, and that morning I happened to see that two of my Facebook friends had RSVP'd for an event called "COLLAGE NYC'S ART TRIBUTE TO:  YOUR FAVORITE 90'S HIP HOP ALBUM COVER."  It immediately caught my attention because of my love for 90s Hip Hop.  It didn't hurt that the event was also free.  

The event took place in a small bar called Delancy on the lower east side of Manhattan.  When I walked in, the video was pretty chill.  There was a DJ spinning all of the 90s hits, people gathered around the bar socializing, and even a few hip hop dancers in their own world.  What I was most fascinated with, were the handful of artists who were live-painting their album cover of choice.  All of the works of art were pretty great, but their were two artists that I gravitated to - Byron McCray and Ashleigh Alexandria.

Ashley flexed her artistic muscles by recreating the cover of the iconic Fugees album, "The Score."  

Ashleigh Alexandria was a featured artist at Collage NYC's Art Tribute to 90s Hip Hop Album Covers

Byron chose to paint Brooklyn native, Jay-Z's "Reasonable Doubt" album cover.

Among some of the other pieces displayed at the event, were TLC's "CrazySexyCool" and the Notorious B.I.G's "Ready to Die" album cover.  

Collage NYC is an art, networking, socializing & entertainment group that puts on frequent events.  Keep up with them on Facebook and if you have a free Tuesday night, check out their next event.