New York City Bucket List

Top of the Empire State Building

This is probably something that most people [who aren’t afraid of heights] want to do.  I actually did this a few years before I moved to NYC with one of my high school friends.  We shelled out extra dough to skip the line and go on the virtual tour of the city, as well.

Top of One World Trade Center

When  the One World Trade Center Observatory was opened to the public, I knew I had to go and see for myself.  You start by ascending to the top of the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere in less than sixty seconds in one of the fastest elevators in the world.  This wasn’t just a normal elevator, either.  The walls of the elevator are digitally enhanced so that it looks like you are outside literally flying up in the air.  Awesome experience.  Tip:  Go about an hour before sunset, so that you can see the city during both day and night.  Once you are up in the observatory, you are welcome to stay as long as you’d like.

Top of the Rock

I don’t know what this is, but I have seen many photos on Instagram “from the Top of the Rock” so I’d like to go.  I hear it has the best view of the Empire State Building.  I’ll be going soon!

Picnic in Central Park

Sounds cheesy…I don’t care!  Don’t judge me!  Judge your toothless aunt…the one with the blonde finger waves.  I’ve already done this.  Before I moved to NYC, my friend, Tamra and I picnic’d and laid out at the north end of Central Park.

Broadway Shows

I donkey-kicked this item off of my Bucket List years before I moved to NYC.  I’ve seen over 20 shows and have the Playbill portfolio to prove it.  My Top 4 are:


Statue of Liberty

I’ve seen it.  I’ve sailed past it on my way to the desolate land of Staten Island.  I have just never been to the actual statue.  Soon, though…

Afro Punk Festival

Where’s the best place to see beautiful black people, decked out in their finest Afrocentric threads, with beautiful flourishing hair, and politicking to have someone with a nice camera take their photo?  The Afro Punk Festival, that’s where!  I went for the first time in the Summer of 2015.  It was a great event.  Everyone was extremely chill.  It was the polar opposite of the Budweiser Made in America Festival…for a number of reasons.

Governors Ball

Not sure I want to attend another festival, but I’ll leave this here so it looks like I’m hip.

The Hamptons

Summer 2015.  The first time I visited the Hamptons.  I was with 10 other beautiful people and we wanted a house and even had a private chef.  Our itinerary included a trip to Main Beach and the Wölffer Estate Vineyard.  The Hamptons is more of a place I’d prefer to go and relax, especially since it is away from the hustle and bustle of NYC.  However, the majority of my friends wanted to turn up that weekend.  I sojourned to the basement of the house to be alone, often.  It was loads of fun, however.

Coney Island

Ironically I live in Brooklyn, but have never visited Coney Island.  I’m waiting for one of my cool Brooklyn friends to invite me to go with them.  My goal is to mark this off of my list by no later than the summer of 2016.

See a show in Radio City Music Hall

Last year, I was thinking “If I get one more GOT damn email about tickets for the Radio City Christmas Spectacular…”  I’ll go this year, though.  I love the holiday season in NYC, and I think this will be a very nice addition to my celebrations.

Yankee Stadium

It’s in the Bronx.  The Bronx is the only borough I have not visited…ever.  I don’t even like baseball.  I’m gonna go, though…just to say I went.

What are some of your NYC bucket list items?  Like and comment below!