THE PLUG: Casper - The Best Mattress I've ever Owned!

It's almost been a month since I finally got rid of my pillow-top queen sized mattress, and unboxed (that's right...unboxed) my new Casper mattress!  I had owned my pillow-top for about 8 years, and though it was still somewhat comfortable, it was slightly sinking in the middle, and it just didn't provide me with the comfort I was getting when I was sleeping in certain hotels while traveling.  It was time for an upgrade!

Casper advertisements can be easily found in NYC subways stations and on the trains.

While listening to some of my favorite podcasts, I would often hear ads for Casper, and then I would start to see ads posted all over the New York subways.  I became interested because I learned that Casper was actually a start-up company, but still, I wasn't about to jump in to this kind of purchase without some research.  Buying a new mattress is a commitment.  I have to actually see it and lay on it before dropping all my dollars.

One of the many cleaver Casper ads on NYC subway trains.

One of the many cleaver Casper ads on NYC subway trains.

Recently, however, Casper teamed up with West Elm, and I was able to go lay on it myself and decide if this mattress was best for me.  To me, it was a clear decision.

Usually, when you buy a mattress, you need to either pay a steep shipping fee, or have the hassle of taking it home yourself.  That wasn't going to work for me, seeing that I don't have a car.  Casper delivers their mattresses in a box.  Actually, in certain cities, like New York, they deliver it to your place by bike, as early as the same day!

So okay...the bottom line?  

I received my mattress the day after I ordered.

The mattress is perfect!  Get it! It's great for those who like soft beds, and for those who like more firm beds.  Pro-tip:  If you want more fluff, Casper will actually recommend some mattress toppers from Amazon.  I haven't needed one, though.  I ordered on a Tuesday afternoon, and it was delivered the next day.  Once you remove the mattress from the box, and cut the plastic wrap, the bed unravels and inflates.  

I have gotten my best sleep over the last couple of weeks.  It has the perfect balance between firmness and softness.  Most importantly, the bed is designed to stay cool.  I hate being hot when I sleep.

There are many reviews (both written and video) out there discussing the intricacies of how these mattresses are made.  I won't get into all of that, but trust, I probably read or watched 84.7% of them before I clicked "purchase" on the Casper website.  

The Casper’s sleep surface is universally comfortable — it contours to your body to relieve pressure while retaining a healthy bounce and cool temperature. Sure there are lots of options out there, but we’ve cut through the confusion to offer a single, perfect choice
— Casper

Casper carefully designed their mattresses to be "one-for-all."


Even though you may want to head to your nearest West Elm to try the mattress out yourself, you can order it with a $50 discount HERE.