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South Africa - Part II: Cape Town, the Perfect Vacation

After spending three days in Johannesburg, my friends and I hopped on a quick and cheap flight to our final destination in South Africa - Cape Town! I'll say it...I'd move there TOMORROW! I know, I know, Johannesburg has more culture, and it's more diverse. I get it. I'm simply going on the look and feel of the land, however. It's beautiful, dammit! I looks like Los Angeles...only in SOUTH AFRICA! It's a win, for me!

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#CatchGinEgypt - Part III: Luxor, Egypt

Luxor was the last city I visited during my time in Egypt.  At this point of my vacation, I was pretty exhausted, and my mood wasn't the best, because of the election of #HeWhoMustntBeNamed.  So, I used this city to relax, and wind down before it was time to head back to the United States.  I did, however, leave the hotel for a couple small excursions, and to eat.  

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Flash Visit! Shanghai in a day!

After going on a 5-day cruise on Royal Caribbean's Quantum of the Seas, I had a day to spare in Shanghai before heading back to New York.  Luckily, I had a great friend who is currently an expat in Shanghai to schlep me around for the day, and hit many of the hot tourist spots.  Not everyone is that lucky, so hopefully this post can help you plan if you ever plan on rolling through the city populated with over 24 million people.

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Bucharest and Vienna: A Story of 8 Flights in 4 Days

Though our trip was to Bucharest, Google research informed us that the city was not that poppin', and we'd most likely want to fly elsewhere for a day trip.  We agreed to travel to Vienna, Austria instead.  It didn't seem like there was much to do there, either (and there wasn't), but at least we'd be seeing another country.

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That time I went to the United Arab Emirates Alone and had the Time of my Life

I contemplated not writing about this because I actually took this trip over a year ago, but hey, somebody might be preparing to go to the UAE, and want to know a little somethin' somethin' about my experience.

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