THE PLUG: Away - The Best Carry-on I've Owned


For the longest time, I had been contemplating getting a new carry-on bag. As many of you know, typically when I travel, I prefer not to check a bag, so I do everything in my power to be #TeamCarryon (see some of my tips here).  For quite some time, I'd been the proud owner of a black expandable Samsonite canvas bag. That joint has seen many-a-country with me. What I noticed, however, was that I tended to stuff and stretch it to capacity. It was getting harder and harder for airlines to accept it as a true carry-on. I spent some time eyeing hard shell carry-ons but couldn't quite decide on one until I saw someone at my job walk in with a bag from Away.

I had seen this bag all over social media via targeted marketing for some time, but always overlooked it. I wasn't too big a fan of investing in a suitcase that I couldn't see in person first. However, when I finally saw one of the bags with my own eyes, I was sold. So far, I've traveled with it about 7 times, and I'm all in (I opted for the "Larger Carry-on"). Here's why I think you should get one too:


1. It forces you to pack neatly.

The way the bag is designed forces you to pack in a more organized way. The compression flap is clutch, as well.

I'm not the greatest packer. However, I've found that with the way hard-shell cases are set up, they force you to be a bit more organized with how you are placing your items in the suitcase. It's split into two sides. I use one side to place my shoes, small clothing items (like socks and underwear) and miscellaneous items like my bag of toiletries or small electronics. I secure that side with the mesh cover that zips. On the other side, I put all of my other clothes. That side comes with a compression flap that helps push the clothes down and get rid of the excess air. I've found that I am able to stuff a  lot more clothes into this carry-on than I was the Samsonite one (not counting the expandability of the Samsonite).

2. The hardshell case is dope.

I just wanted a hardshell carry-on because "the size is the size." You don't have to worry about it expanding to a size that's unable to fit into the overhead bins on planes. Also, it just looks a lot sleeker. Because Away is becoming so popular, I noticed that there are so many other people with my same color and size. There are times when I travel abroad and do end up checking my carry-on because the overhead space is too small (for most American carry-on sizes). For that reason, I opted to make my carry-on stand out by adding a red luggage strap from Amazon. not only does it make it easier to identify my bag as it comes around on the conveyer belt, it helps secure the bag since a lot of luggage handlers at airports are less-than-careful with your belongings. Plus, the strap just looks good LOL.


I ordered a red luggage strap from Amazon just to give my bag some flavor. Also, if I ever have to check the bag, it's easier for me to identify mine when it comes around the conveyer belt.


3. It has extremely smooth wheels.

I've never owned a bag that rolled as smoothly as an Away carry-on. Mobility is extremely important when rolling through airports. Not much else to say here...

The Away Carry-on has the smoothest wheels I've ever experienced.

The Away Carry-on has the smoothest wheels I've ever experienced.

4. It comes with a powerful battery charger.

The charger that comes with the luggage is extremely powerful. I've found that it charges my phone 3-4 times before I need to recharge it. Also note that when Away first started selling suitcases, it wasn't easy to take the battery out. I believe you had to actually unscrew it. Now, however, you just open the cover, press the battery down and pop it out. When I'm traveling, I actually keep the battery in my backpack. The only time I really leave it in my suitcase is when I'm traveling by land or chillin' in the airport.

5. There's a TSA-approved combination lock.

This is a pretty standard feature for many pieces of luggage, but I figured it was worth noting.


6. And BAM...a Lifetime warranty!

For me, this makes the price of the carry-ons worth it. What's even cooler is that I live in a city that has an actual Away store, so I can take it there to be services and/or replaced. Also, it should be noted that Away has amazing customer service (Full disclosure: I only needed to call them once, and that was when I was having problems ordering my sexy carry-on bag on their site).

Anyway...GET YOU ONE!


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