Remember that Time we Booked Trips to the UAE on Christmas?

It's been a couple years since the Internet, iMessages, GroupMe and...the green texts were aflame with notifications from friends and loved ones talking about Etihad Airways' fare "glitch."  It is still pretty peculiar that a glitch would last for a whole day and a half, but who cares...hundreds of round trip flights were booked for the cost of a pricy pair of shoes.  The glitch included ticket prices as low as $187 round trip (including taxes and fees) from airports like JFK, LAX and Chicago, to international destinations like Abu Dhabi, Mumbai and Johannesburg.

Everyone who got wind of the "sale" and booked their trip, waited around for a day or so before fully celebrating because they were not sure Etihad would honor the ticket sales.

Then when the confirmations came...

Those who were skeptical, or didn't jump on the deal quick enough, seemed to don a spirit of hate toward those who were already mentally packing for their trips.


But nobody cared...


And as people would board their flights and proceed to post their photos from their amazing time abroad...


Rolling through the desert like...

There were countless amounts of Facebook groups and travel distribution lists created to help people plan out their trips, and to connect with others who were traveling at the same time.  This was great for those who booked trips alone, and were looking to meet others to enjoy their adventures with. 

I was one of those who traveled alone because I didn't have time to wait for people to make up their minds.  To date, my trip to the UAE was probably my best trip, yet!  Since then, I have been an avid supporter of booking cheap travel when deals arise.  So, if any of you all come across a glitch, don't hesitate to text or call me!  I'm on it!

Where were you when you found out about #GlitchGate2014?