FLASH VISIT: Conquer Martha's Vineyard in Two Days!

First thing's first...if you are looking for a trip or vacation that involves turning up, STOP HERE, and check out another post of mine!  This destination ain't for you, breh!

The key phrase for trips to Martha's Vineyard is, "chill out, man."  Whether you are staying for a couple days, or weeks at a time, the key is to travel with people who have no problem chilling out, enjoying the scenery, food, and most importantly, basking in each other's company.  One of my friends actually travels to the Vineyard at least once a summer to enjoy a relaxing solo day, and that's perfectly understandable.


The birthday girl relaxing and catching some sun on Lambert's Cove Beach.  Yes, we were the obnoxious people with the inflatable lounger.  Getchu one.


Recently, I had a free weekend, so I decided to visit the island to celebrate a friend's birthday, and to relax with some great people before my work and travel schedule got crazy.  We only stayed for two days, and we had a great time, so I figured I'd help you out in case you are looking for a quick scoot out of your normal lives as well.

Tip # 1:  Use Public Transportation

The Steamship Authority ferry ticket and the VTA Bus day pass

Do not worry about renting a car or bringing your car over to the island.  Everywhere is accessible via the bus.  The round trip ferry tickets (that take you from the mainland to Martha's Vineyard) can be purchased for $17.  Day passes for the busses can be purchased for $8. My silly friend had us walking around the island with a big ass map, but please, don't be us!  Operate within the new millennium and make your life a lot easier...download the Transloc Rider app.  If you are in a rush, or would like to have your group ride directly to a destination, there are plenty of taxi services that you will be able to call in order to be picked up.  We had our own one-toothed Golden Girl, named Toni, who picked us up in a van, and we could clearly smell that she was Snoop Dog or Wiz Khalifa in her past life...

When the crew got in Toni's car.

When the crew got in Toni's car.

Another option would be to rent bikes for the day.  Don't worry, if you get tired of pedaling, or have a destination on the far end of the island, you can mount the bikes on the front of the busses.

Tip # 2:  Find a Beach

Martha's Vineyard has a number of beaches.  I can vouch for Lambert's Cove Beach and South Beach.  Considering we were staying in Vineyard Haven, we did not want to commute all the way to South Beach this time, in particular.  When at the beach, there are no concession stands or restaurants, so be sure to pack some drinks (or dranks) and snacks.


Lambert's Cove beach.  The water is clear and refreshing.



There is so much good food all throughout Martha's Vineyard.  I was using Yelp for 30 minutes at a time trying to make life decisions about where we should eat.  Here are the places we tried:

Artcliff Diner for breakfast


  1. The Old Faithful.  Pro Tip:  As for a side of apple butter for your bread
  2. The French toast is filling, so you might wanna get that to share, and still order your savory main dishes
  3. The pancakes are also fluffy and filling

Martha's Vineyard Chowder House for lunch or dinner


  1. This was the best damn lobster roll I've ever had!  SOMEBODY better order it!  Pro Tip:  It's only on the menu for lunch, but if you ask your server nicely, like I did, they may be able to work something out with the chef.
  2. The fish and chips are tasty and filling.  Two people in our group ordered this, and neither was able to finish.

The Black Dog Tavern for breakfast on Day 2


  1. The Loretta (with bacon...I wasn't too fond of the sausage)
  2. Any of the burritos
  3. The pancakes are massive and fluffy
  4. The deluxe homefries


if you are looking for some great frozen or mixed drinks on the water, head over Donovan's Reef! There's always a line, but the drinks are extremely good!  Pro Tip:  Don't ask for a virgin drink...Donovan will send you next door for a slushy.


  1. The Dirty Banana and the Rum Runner are delicious!

Back Door Donuts


  1. You can't go wrong with the maple bacon donut and/or the cinnamon roll.

TIP #4:  Enjoy the View

Martha's Vineyard is full of amazing views and beautiful sights.  If you're tired, or trying to figure out what to do, just sit somewhere and take it all in.  I'm sure there are tours you can take to see the island in its entirety, as well.  

This was the view as our ferry docked at Martha's Vineyard

Some of the beautiful homes at Martha's Vineyard, known as "Gingerbread Houses"

TIP #5:  Take some Awesome Friends

Flash visits are not a lot of time.  You have to be sure you are surrounded by friends who know how to enjoy themselves, and who are team players when it comes to deciding what you'd like to do.  Again, Martha's Vineyard is not a place for hard partiers or for those who want to have extreme levels of active fun.  If that's what they are looking for, send them a flight deal to visit an island in the Caribbean, or something.

On the lawn in Oak Bluffs, Martha's Vineyard.

What are some of the things you enjoy doing at Martha's Vineyard?