#PROTIPS: How I snag my Flight Deals


So, many people frequently ask me what websites, apps, or tools I use to book flight/travel deals. While I am no travel expert, or a guru at getting the best deals, I'm happy to share what I personally use.  I just hope my friends don't get mad at me when I send them to this blog post when they ask me to find them a deal...SAVE THIS BLOG ENTRY!

My four favorite travel sites to check frequently and follow on social media:

Honestly, 80% of the trips I take are due to deals I come across on Airfarewatchdog, Secret Flying, Thrifty Traveler, AirfareSpot and The Flight Deal.  Not only do they keep you up-to-date with the latest deals, sales and glitch fares, they will actually walk you through step-by-step on how to book the tickets.  I highly suggest following these sites on Twitter and Facebook if you do not plan on checking their websites multiple times a day.

I also use Google Flights from time-to-time.  If you have no specific destination or dates in mind, you can simple put in your departure point, and specified dates, and scroll down to the map and click on Explore destinations.  Google will then display a map that has flight points all over the world along with their corresponding roundtrip prices.  I recently used this tool to book cheap flights to Puerto Rico.

If you have a specific destination and date in mind, and you want to know the best time to purchase the flight tickets, I suggest using the Hopper app (Google Flights is also a good option for this).  You are able to plug in your departure and destination points, along with your desired travel dates, and Hopper will let you know whether you should purchase immediately or hold off.  If you would like to track a trip, you can click on the binoculars icon to "Watch this trip."  The app will then send you push notifications to inform you of price drops and whether or not you should purchase.

You could also "Like" CatchGifUcan on Facebook to see some great deals.

Other sites that deserve honorable mention:

Note:  I will keep updating this post as I come across new methods of booking tickets.  Stay tuned!