THE PLUG: Skyroam Hotspot - Stay Connected Abroad!

Whether people like it or not, we are in the age of staying connected!  It could be anything from posting on social media, to messaging and video-chatting loved ones.  There's now an easy and cheap way to stay connected while abroad - the Skyroam Hotspot!

The best thing about this pocket device is that there is no service plan associated with it.  You simply pay for the days (24-hour periods) you need to use.  If you buy 5 day passes, and your trip is only 3 problem!  The two extra days will be there waiting for you on your next trip!  In fact, it may be a better deal to buy 5 day passes at a time, because it amounts to $8 per day instead of $10.  The data is unlimited and you can connect up to FIVE devices!


In the past, I have rented hot spots and taken them on trips with me, but I find that owning my own, and paying $8 per day is a much better deal.  I simply make sure my Skyroam hotspot is charged, and I place it in my backpack or pocket while I explore whatever country I am in.  So, I'm taking in all the sights whilst posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or while messaging my friends back home.

I know, I know..."T-Mobile has an international plan included."  Yadda yadda...not everyone wants to switch phone services just to accommodate some trips.  Plus, having service abroad does not make up for having struggle service at home.  I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'.

But are on vacation. You need to put your phone away and enjoy yourself!
— Old People


Here's what you need to know about the Skyroam Hotspot.

It's hassle-free!

But what about...?
— Skeptical Person

I'm glad you asked!  Here's how it compares to some other options.

Skyroam Hotspot compared to other data options while traveling abroad.

The best part?  Discount!  Here's a link to get $20 off of your order, plus 3 day passes!


Included in the box: Skyroam Hotspot, battery, USB charger, and instruction manual


Any questions?  Feel free to drop a comment below.