7 Reasons Traveling in Groups can Suck!

There has been an influx of people traveling solo as of late.  That may be due to the flash sales by airlines, glitches and the such, or it could be because many decide not to travel in groups.  True, there are times that traveling in groups can be extremely fun, but on the flip side, there can be a number of annoying and frustrating things that play a role in traveling with an ensemble of people.  Here are just a few:

1.  Booking the Trip


When the decision is made to travel with more than one or two people, tasks a simple as booking the flight can be quite tedious. There are a few methods to do this. 1) If you have the disposable cash, you can book everyone's flights and then have them reimburse you. 2) You can book your flight and share the details with your co-travelers and just hope they book while there are still seats on the flight. Or 3) Be like me, and book your ticket and just check in on Facebook when you reach your destination!

2.  Splitting the Cost of Accommodations

Though there are so many apps and other electronic ways to split costs and send/receive money, this always seems to be a hassle.  

"So are you going to pay for it and we just pay you back?"

"What's your bank account number?" (Who still asks for account numbers?)

"What's the Square Cash app?"

"What's Venmo?"

"Brittney dropped out, so now we all gotta add $30 on to what we owe."

3.  Coordinating the trip

The over-planner.  Those that plan the trip details out so much it makes the upcoming vacation feel like a tiring business trip.

The non-contributor.  The one that does no research on what to do on the vacation, and really only plans to party, sleep and drink upon arrival.

4.  No Peace

Yes, vacations are supposed to be fun and packed with high moments.  But...can we chill for just a little bit?  Even if it's just a couple hours relaxing on the beach, or sleeping in one morning.  Every moment doesn't have to involve taking shots (for Snapchat), and blasting music.

5.  The Complainer

The one who low key ruins the trip because they complain.  Being in new places and trying new things takes patience.  Don't be the complainer.  Side Note:  The Complainer is typically the non-contributor, as well.

6.  Budget Wars

Some can afford really nice hotels and some can only afford hostels, or to stay with friends in whatever city or country is being visited.  Or some may simply want to save costs on certain aspects of the trip, in order to "ball out" in other ways.  Discuss these types of things before deciding to travel together.

"Let's just take an Uber for the 40-minute ride.  I don't feel like getting on the train."

7.  The Last-Minute Cancellations

What's more frustrating than everyone being excited about the trip and "all in," but as soon as it's time to start booking reservations and accommodations, people start dropping out?  Not to mention the fact that those who drop out of the trip, tend to wait until the last minute to do so because they don't have the courage to be upfront as soon as they know they can't go.