After seeing the Formation World Tour, I'm not defending Beyonce to y'all ever again!

Last night, I attended the Formation World Tour at Citi Field in New York City.  It was the best concert I’ve ever been to…and I have been to a lot of concerts. Not only can this woman SING (and she took plenty o’ moments to remind folks that she’s a SINGER, first), she performs from her choreographed eyelashes, all the way down to the pinky toenail, where many of your nail techs are most likely just painting the skin.

Beyonce performing her opening number at the Formation World Tour

Beyonce performing her opening number at the Formation World Tour

The synchronized lights, dope visuals (the Lemonade movie is just the tip of the iceberg), choreographed fireworks, aerialists, and moving runway?? Crazy! AND….AND, this woman sauntered her rich ass onto a stage full of WATER and proceeded to hit repeated 8-counts with the only background dancers known to have their own stans and corresponding Instagram stan accounts!

Beyonce performing "Freedom" at the Formation World Tour

Beyonce performing "Freedom" at the Formation World Tour

She had a slight wardrobe malfunction (I’m assuming) because at the end of the show, she kept her left hand covering one side of her crotch…but take a wild guess at whether or not she missed one step in her choreo. At one point, she sneezed as she was talking to the audience. Can you imagine getting a “Bless you” from 40,000 people?? LOL.

There were no guests or features…and honestly, none were needed.

She is the best performer alive and this is no longer up for debate. I will no longer waste energy arguing with people who are just deliberately obtuse about this. From here on out, you can miss me with the petty “1GottaGo” memes where you compare her to the crunchiest, fake-deep, yodeling up and down the scale, crystal-rubs-under-the-armpit-ass artists, who all most likely stan for Beyonce, themselves. You can also miss me with the unnecessary dissenting opinions you feel obligated to post on social media any time she does something, just so your incense-burning, “cutting my cable off was the best decision I ever made” legion of gnomes can jump on the status just to “release” their “agreements.” “Beyonce is overrated.” - Your Auntie, the one with the sharp finger waves, is overrated.

Stan wars aren’t necessary…for any artist (love who you wanna love). But I’m not quite sure why Beyonce stans go to “war” with anyone. There is no other artist out right now that is even worthy of being in the same conversation. Save your energy, beloved. This lady sells out stadiums in minutes. I love Brandy, and her Howard Theater performances…but no (side note: I attended a Beyonce concert at Essence Festival where Brandy was stanning just like the people beside her). I also like Rihanna, and her…beautiful gowns, and science fair stage sets…but not in the same conversation. There are plenty of great artists out there performing at nice theaters, pep rallies and cookouts…but they aren’t in the same conversation.

Don't give me the whole, "Beyoncé is cool but her fans do the most." What does that have to do with her? She literally doesn't do anything to receive the slander. She never even speaks out against other celebrities. What is there to hate? Having a public dissenting opinion just to "go against the grain," is the epitome of "Hey! Look at me!" Grow up.  

The girl standing beside me last night legit cried for 10 minutes after Beyonce touched us, and while I was subtly side-eyeing her and imploring her to get out of my way…I kind of understood. I still needed her to get it together and get that ass in formation behind me, though.

Hey Beyonce, if you are reading this, you ain’t gotta go down on your ticket prices one bit. If cheaper tickets mean less production, I'll take a hard pass. You’re worth it.

Anyway, I'm not defending Beyonce to y'all ever again.  She's unmatched!  You can be mad about it, but that's none of my business!